Entry #7

2012 was almost shit, but still pretty bad.

2012-12-31 21:27:28 by MrKittie

Worst year of my life basically.
Although, i did meet a really great guy this year. (DJ Babokon) He helped me stay sane.

-I never released my album yet.
Although, my music productions have gotten superb and much better than how i was before.

My love life was shattered.
Although,,....nothing..it's just ruined and that's what destroyed half of my year.

Piece of shit and glad it's over.

Expect me to rise in 2013 with frackin hectic stuff.
And also expect more and i do take art commissions as well. i charge from 15-30$ depending on what you want.

-yeh, i just ordered some professional studio headphones, so i don't have to worry about mixing because they will help me allot and get that sound that i actually want.

Welp! Thanks for reading all! Many don't know me now but will soon know of me later in 2013!
The future looks bright if i do my actions right :)
So many great things planned and a new start indeed.


2012 was almost shit, but still pretty bad.


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2013-01-01 00:28:48

Hey Kittie. I don't know if anyone will post or not but i'll say this. I've had a crappy ass year myself. My best 3 movies have been downvoted. My love life is in a complete damn wreck right now. trying to decide my future on what to do and i feel like the world is against me all the time (Not begging for pity) but i will bounce back and come back better then ever. Thank you for your post. it's very inspiring for struggling people like me


2013-01-29 21:30:40


MrKittie responds:



2013-01-29 21:49:23


that means all the chicken n gravy in the world 2 me